Ashok Patel

Ashok Patel

Head Coach

Head coach Ashok Patel is a former Indian international cricketer for Team India who gained prominence as an Indian cricket team coach with numerous professional domestic outfits, including Gujarat’s victorious Ranji Team. In addition to playing for India, Coach Ashok has received critical acclaim from Indian cricketers such as Parthiv Patel.

Since switching paths to CricMax, Coach Ashok has successfully led numerous youth cricket and developmental teams, winning major tournaments. It’s the fusion of his storied background with patience and a love for the game that makes for a truly amazing cricket coaching experience.

Coach Ashok has a gift for cricket coaching, sharing his passion and enthusiasm for the sport of cricket with his students and inspiring the same passion in the youngsters he coaches.  He helps them understand that in discovering the fundamentals of cricket and building the skills necessary to become experienced athletes, they are learning lessons that can also be applied throughout life, from schoolwork to developing character.

Since moving to the United States, Coach Ashok has not only been responsible for a sharp upturn in cricket activity in the New Jersey area but has also won trophies with various CricMax squads. These include the U16 CricMax tournament in 2012 and the NATA youth tournament with the U13’s in 2013. More recently, he guided a talented group of U15 cricketers to the NATA youth tournament crown.

Highlights of Coach Ashok Patel’s Career:

  • Coach for the Gujarat Cricket Association
  • Head Coach of Associate Bank Cricket Team
  • Head Coach for Cricmax Cricket Academy

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