Shrey Patel

Shrey Patel

Assistant Coach

An experienced North American cricketer in his own right, Shrey Patel is the assistant coach here at CrixMax.

Coach Shrey has an extensive cricket coaching background with high-profile American cricket tournament experience and believes in a holistic approach to the game, spearheading cricket training curriculum development for CricMax athletes. Over the past 4 years, Coach Shrey has bolstered the New Jersey Cricket scene, specializing in coaching youth cricketers from ages 6 to 18. He backs up his experience with an ICC coaching certificate and manages Level 1 cricket coaching for kids under the guidance of Coach Ashok.

As the lead coordinator of cricket coaching programs at CricMax, Coach Shrey has worked tirelessly to develop a structured cricket club that leaves no technique or skill untrained. It’s Coach Shrey’s structured approach that has won critical acclaim from the world’s top cricketers as he assists Coach Ashok in devising a blueprint to transform the game of cricket in the United States with a grassroots coaching program.

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